Advisory Council

Coordinating Organizations

It is with the unanimous support of the Portland City Council along with the commitment from partner organizations throughout the city that we aspire to be a community friendly to people of all ages and ability.

AARP Oregon has been part of this project from the beginning and continues to focus age-friendly efforts in Portland and around the state. AARP Oregon is keeping Oregonians informed, active, and engaged.

Elders in Action is a nonprofit organization committed to the active involvement of older adults. This volunteer-driven organization advises local government, provides personal advocates for individuals over 60, and employs the Age-Friendly Business Certification program.

Portland State University’s Institute on Aging is dedicated to enhancing understanding of aging and facilitating opportunities for elders, families, and communities to thrive. Their research provides support and direction to leaders in the community on issues around aging.

Age-Friendly Portland Advisory Council 2014

Age-Friendly Advisory Council 2014 (click to enlarge)


Advisory Committee