Our Vision

Portland, Multnomah County, and the region are great places to live, work, play, and be engaged for people of all ages, abilities and cultures. We thrive through all the stages of life. The physical, social, economic, and service environments take into account our complex needs and desires, maximize the contributions of people at every age and facilitate enriching, meaningful, and empowering relationships among the generations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to meet the needs and engage the strengths of all citizens toward the goal of building a community for all ages, working in concert with the City and County Commissioners and Bureaus/Departments, as well as the private and non-profit sectors and community members themselves, to implement the City’s and County’s Action Plan(s) for an Age-Friendly Portland and Multnomah County.

Our Values

The Advisory Council holds and is committed to fostering the following values:

  • Respect
  • Inclusion
  • Equity
  • Diversity
  • Interdependence among generations